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Trivia / Prey (2022)

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  • Actor-Inspired Element: The gesturing sign language between the Comanche was conceived by the actors during training camp.
  • Ascended Fanon: The Fan Nickname of the Predator in this film, the Feral Predator, was actually used by Dan Trachtenberg during interviews for the film.
  • Approval of God: Jesse Ventura and Bill Duke, who played Blain and Mac in the original respectively, both had nothing but praise for the new installment and the new lead Amber Midthunder, with Ventura calling it a "great, great film" and Duke praising it on his Twitter.
  • California Doubling: The prairies and wilderness of Alberta stand in for the northern Great Plains, which lie just to the south in real life.
  • Completely Different Title: Some markets didn't drop the Predator name from the title.
    • Latin America, Spain, Japan, Czechia — Predator: The Prey
    • Brazil — Predator: The Hunt
    • Portugal — Predator: The First Hunt
  • Content Leak: The official trailer was leaked online a few days before it was made publicly available. Dan Trachtenberg was a little bit of a Teasing Creator, as he tweeted to fans that the official trailer was coming soon, only for it to drop the next day.
  • Development Gag: The mask worn by this Predator is distinctly reminiscent of the original Predator costume (worn by Jean-Claude Van Damme) in early production on the original Predator. It's especially apparent when the Predator bathes itself in bear blood, resembling the chromakey suit worn by Van Damme in 1987.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: The human cast spent four weeks doing weapons training together before shooting began, the Predator had to lose 25 pounds to fit well into a suit of 80 pounds of foam latex (which he described as "essentially a sponge", specially as by filming in the summer, he was sweating profusely!), and Amber Midthunder said the shoot itself was exhaustive:
    Oh my god, it was so hard. I read the script, and I remember at one point reading like 40 straight pages of action and I still somehow did not understand how much action we would be shooting. It was every single day. We were in the woods somewhere, running up a hill. At one point, it was 90 degrees, full-buckskin outfit. I'm in a river swimming in literally arctic glacial runoff water. There was no point in shooting this film that was coasting. There was no day that I went to work like, "Ah, today is just chill."
  • Similarly Named Works: The movie shares its name with the 2006 game Prey, which also features a Native American fighting aliens, in addition to at least 10 other works in various mediums which are also named Prey.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, the filmmakers had planned to have the characters begin the film speaking in the Comanche language before shifting to English in a manner similar to the Russians in The Hunt for Red October. However, they found that this didn't work and had the film shot in both English and Comanche, with the entire cast recording a Comanche language track for the film, available alongside the English version on Hulu.
    • After the film was officially revealed as an installment in the franchise, Dan Trachtenberg revealed that the original intent was to market the film with no connection to the series. If this marketing tactic was kept, the film would've been released with its Working Title Skulls.
    • Naru was originally named Kee ("no" in Comanche).
  • Word of God: Michael Vincent, who helped design the Feral Predator, provided a Twitter thread breaking down the various design choices for the Feral Predator's biology — namely that its subspecies is adapted to a more arid environment and an osteophagous diet — with bones carrying a special cultural significance as a result, hence its mask's skull-like design.
  • Working Title: The movie was made under the name Skulls.