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Trivia / Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars

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  • Creator Breakdown: During the writing of episode 31. The DDoS attack on LiveJournal did NOT help matters.
  • Name's the Same: Lina Inverse Eastwood is named after a certain bandit-killing sorceress/drifter. In case you don't know how that's possible for someone born in September 1995, Word of God states that her parents broke up shortly after Muriel became pregnant, and she moved to Tokyo in March of that year, and that's where Lina was born several months later. They lived in Tokyo until late 1997, when Muriel learned via email that Noel wanted to kiss and make up. Muriel and Lina returned to Hollywood immediately, and as it turns out Muriel has captured all 78 episodes (at the time) of Slayers onto 13 T-180 VHS tapes (with the 13th tape labelled as number 14 to avoid Tempting Fate) and brought all 13 tapes back to Hollywood with her.
    • Nicholas Carpathia shares his name with the Antichrist in Left Behind.

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