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  • Creative Differences: Multiple examples sprouted up between Nathanoraptor and Drew over the course of their partnership. See Creator Backlash and What Could Have Been below for further details.
    • Among other reasons, this is why it took so long for them to finish Age of Giants. After they finished the chapter, Nathanoraptor admitted that this was a problem, and that from this point on, he and Drew would plan out the entire mission from the beginning before writing it.
  • Creator Backlash: With two authors collaborating, both of whom had divergent views on how the story should play out, there has been several instances of this.
    • Drew Luczynski has spoken out how much he wasn't entirely pleased with what resulted from several incidents of creative differences in which he lost out to Nathanoraptor. In particular, he has expressed displeasure with how his adding in Will and Matt at the moment they made their introduction prevented him from including scenes and events that would have supposedly allowed Cynthia's character to be developed better. He also wasn't pleased with how Nathanoraptor altered Spiny the dimetrodon, as Drew had been hoping for this story to be an opportunity to promote a separate fic.
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    • For his part, Nathanoraptor himself has stated that he is not a big fan of Cynthia. However, despite what some say, he doesn't hate the character; his annoyance was with Drew trying to push her as the #2 main character of the story.
    • Furthermore, Nathanoraptor has also since admitted that Cynthia's introduction was one of multiple factors that have caused him to since largely considered the final episodes of Phase 1 (starting with Cynthia's introductory episode) and the earliest episodes of phase 2 to largely be his least favorite chapters. As he himself explains, the introduction of Cynthia was, in his eyes, merely the straw that broke the camel's back and only exacerbated problems he was already having with the chapters due to a lack of a clear underlying arc to these chapters' events due to the animals being rescued in those missions being either aquatic or largely confined to within a fairly short distance from each other, being forced by resulting necessity to rely on the character interactions and set up of some of their later important arcs in place of the missing underlying arc for the sake of transitions, and disagreements with Drew over how best to handle Jack (and also, to a more minor extent, Leon).
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  • Creator's Pest: For a good long while, Nathanoraptor didn't have an entirely high opinion of Cynthia as a result of Drew initially trying to push her into being a secondary main character alongside Drew at Jack's (and possibly Leon's) expense.
  • Dear Negative Reader: When one guest reviewer complained one time too many about the artistic license used involving the gorgonopsids featured being referred to as gorgonops instead of the more scientifically accurate inostrancevia, Nathanoraptor provided a more calm example of this trope by deleting every review from the guest in question in response to another reviewer's complaints, and left a warning review of his own afterwards.
  • He Also Did: Nathanoraptor is one of the writers for the Prehistoric Park Extinction World mythos, and is working on writing The Ultimate Wildlife Sanctuary concurrently with these story.
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  • Misblamed: In the three-month hiatus between "Alien Empire and "The New Rulers", several readers asked Nathanoraptor about why there was so much time between the finishing arcs. To paraphrase Drew's response in author's notes, Nathanoraptor is merely the co-writer; he does the editing. The one who does the actual writing of the chapters themselves is Drew Luczynski.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • As previously mentioned, there was a three-month hiatus between Alien Empire and The New Rulers.
    • Another three-month and counting hiatus occurred between The Wavering Gulfs and Continent Of Blight. Both authors have stated this is due to a desire to post all of the chapters for that arc at once. Eventually, the chapter was posted on February 22nd.
    • Yet another hiatus occurred between "The New Giants" and "The Anthropomorphous Apes", due to the fact that the chapter was difficult to write.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Spiny the dimetrodon was originally intended to act like a dog for both Ruleof Funny and for the sake of promoting a separate fic. Nathanoraptor thought this would be too cliche and unrealistic, and had Spiny (alongside the other dimetrodons) altered to behave more like a cat or tegu lizard instead. Drew was not pleased with this change.
    • Drew initially wanted Will and Matt to be introduced later in the story (if at all) and have their introduction scene at the beginning of "The New Rulers" instead be a scene that would have supposedly allowed for Cynthia's character to be better developed. Nathanoraptor swapped the intended character development for Cynthia (which he also claims to have been more of a case of Character Shilling than of proper character development) out for introducing Will and Matt partially out of reader demand and partially out of their importance to Alice's character later in the story.
    • Drew also originally planned for Cynthia to go so far as to get Drew's head shoved in between her breasts over the course of their first meeting. For obvious reasons, Nathanoraptor had this part cut, due to being disturbed by how the scene was portrayed (basically portraying sexual assault as a funny thing when it's a girl doing it to a guy). Given the #MeToo scandal several months later, this was probably a correct decision.
    • Drew initially wasn't entirely certain that Jack would be interesting enough to carry a story on his own. Nathanoraptor, on the other hand, had enough faith in the character's ability to carry a story to convince Drew to give him a chance.
    • To Drew's credit though, Jack was also initially not planned to take the major role that he ended up taking. The initial 'leading trio' was originally intended to be Drew, Leon, and Adrian (due to them being written as close friends). But later on, after Jack's dialogue in "The First Steps" was written, the authors soon came to realize that Jack was a lot more interesting than Adrian. And as a result, Jack ended up getting his prominence in the story significantly boosted while Adrian ended up becoming immensely Out of Focus throughout multiple parts of the story.
    • Furthermore, Drew initially pushed for Cynthia to be made into a secondary main character, particularly for the sake of allowing her and Drew to be people to view Jack and Leon's (respectively) storylines through due to his then low faith in the characters' (especially Jack's) ability to carry a story. Nathanoraptor was not amused by this on account of how he had faith in Leon and Jack being able to carry a story on their own, and in the end Nathanoraptor got his wish.
    • Leon was originally intended by Drew to not have a very good start in his allosaur training. Specifically, the very first day of his allosaur training efforts was supposed to constantly go wrong, as a homage to Tadashi and Baymax in Big Hero 6. Nathaoraptor, however, thought it dragged out the story. As a result, Leon's training of the allosaurs went much more relatively smoothly from the very beginning and was played entirely seriously.
    • On a lesser note, Jack and Alice would've eventually been revealed to have been orphans. Nathanoraptor decided to remove this, as it didn't really have an effect on the plot; also, it transpired that Drew had got their ages the wrong way around.
  • Word of God: Both Nathanoraptor and Drew leave trivia segments in the reviews, which both clarify why they wrote certain things the way they did and What Could Have Been:
    • For example, the reason the resident mother Dimetrodon died was because of someone reviewing Walking With Monsters said it would have made the story better if she died. Additionally, they are also go to avert some of the more tragic deaths from the original Walking With series, so they needed a source of drama.
    • The Utahraptor in Age of Giants are meant to be an undiscovered European species, and were always intended as such.

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