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  • Actor Allusion: Zack Ward's work on the Postal film adaptation (not to mention the majority of his filmography and other acting work, in particular A Christmas Story) gets acknowledged in the Postal 2 expansion pack Paradise Lost.
  • Banned in China: The first game was banned in Brazil.
    • Postal 2 remains banned in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysianote , France and Germany. note 
  • Creator Backlash: RWS has all but disowned the third game, dubbed it "Akella's Postal Spin off", and has pulled it from its store.
    • Vince Desi had previously promised the game would not have DRM. The final version does. Just one of many things Akella did.
  • Creator Killer: The feature film from Uwe Boll was one of the final projects that the video game companies allowed to go forward; the controversy over the portrayal of Al-Queda in that film (which actually did not get much attention from the U.S. Government or George W. Bush, who got a Take That! in the film at the end), along with his string of Video-Game Movies Suck examples that scored below 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, were all Not Screened for Critics, were mostly Box Office Bombs, and had dealt crippling damage to the games the films were based off, resulted in Boll being essentially blacklisted by the gaming industry as a whole, which shot down attempts by Boll to direct Warcraft and a Metal Gear Solid film. All of Boll's video game movies after 2009 are sequels to movies he already did. He's also been a C-list director since. Postal: The Movie also led to RWS doing their own Take That! to Boll in the third game.
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  • Defictionalization: You can actually buy Krotchy.
  • Old Shame: Postal III has become this for RWS. See Troubled Production.
  • The Other Darrin: The Postal Dude was voiced by Rick Hunter for the first two games. For Postal III, he was replaced by Corey Cruise - likely another cost-saving measure by Akella, considering there are still some lines recorded by Hunter hidden in the game files.
    • Rick made a return to Postal 2 when it was updated with additional content and voice clips. One of the bullet points for the Steam page of the Paradise Lost DLC is even "The Dude's original voice: No bogus imposters here!" This doesn't stop Corey Cruise from reprising his role, however.
  • Posthumous Credit: Gary Coleman returns in the Paradise Lost expansion, released in 2015. The actor himself passed away in 2010.
  • Tribute to Fido: Champ is named for lead designer Vince Desi's dog, who later died of cancer in 2011. The 2015 Expansion Pack Paradise Lost, whose plot involves searching for him, is dedicated to his memory.
  • Troubled Production: Postal III very much so. According to the RWS website, things were going well with Akella at first until the Russian economy took a downturn, forcing Akella to lay off their A-team that was working on the game. RWS admitted they should've pulled the plug at that point since they knew there was no way Akella's B-team could possibly finish development to their standards, but they soldiered on anyways and Akella took more cost-cutting measures due to running low on funds. To top it off RWS were unable to oversee the last 12 months of development on the game, so it's no surprise it ultimately turned out the way it did. Thanks to the critical and commercial failure of the game, RWS has removed the game from their website's online store and refuses to even consider it canon anymore.
    • Postal 2 received a patch in December 2013, the first one in 10 years. It had a slight delay, but is finally out, adding a lot of things to the fray, and making Apocalypse Weekend a full part of the main game.
  • Vaporware: Postal III was announced in 2006, with very few screenshots or videos being released since then and the official website being mostly filler. In October 2011, the game finally appeared on Steam's store under "Coming Soon" with the release scheduled for December. The exact date was finally revealed as December 20th, although the game was only available from the Running With Scissors online shop until February 2012.
    • The Postal 2 DLC Paradise Lost was announced in mid-2014 and was slated for a fall release that same year. It was then delayed to an unspecified date, finally being released on April 17th, 2015.
  • Wiki Rule: The series has its own wiki, which could use some magic.
  • What Could Have Been: Postal 2 had some things that were either cut from the game or scrapped. Of course since the game is medium aware, it has a graveyard for them. A list of these things are:
    • A meat gun, brought back in the A Week In Paradise mod.
    • A staple gun, also brought back in AWP.
    • A rebar gun.
    • A different model for the shotgun, considering one of the new weapons added in the post-2013 updates is called the "Beta Shotgun" and being modeled after the Franchi SPAS-12.
    • Fire seeking cats.
    • Fetuses with guns, though the idea is recycled for the monkeys from Paradise Lost.
    • Rape clowns.
    • "Teen sniper". The name of an arcade machine in the game, possibly a planned mini-game or an enemy. This too was brought back in AWP.
    • Pigeons.
    • The Dude's father as a zombie, to quote the grave: "Zombie Dad". Yet another thing brought back in AWP.
    • And last but not least: The game's original plot, before it became what it is today.
    • The Postal Dude was thinner and looked different than in the retail version. It can be brought back through a mod and also used as a ragdoll for Garry's Mod.
    • Some weapons were different before the game's release, such as the pistol being modeled after FN Five-seven instead of the IMI Desert Eagle. And the M16 sounded like a chaingun in the Beta E3 2002!