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  • Viewers Are Geniuses: Cropper maintains Randolph's belongings in "the Stant Collection" at Robert Dale Owen University in New Mexico. "Stant" is a gag on author Byatt's part referring to a woman named Charlotte Stant in a Henry James novel, The Golden Bowl. Living in Europe, she is actually bought and paid for by Adam Verver, an American millionaire who wants to be her husband. Byatt thinks James was trying to portray both the advantages and disadvantages of having wealthy people collect things to preserve them.
    • Byatt may have intended a university in Utah named for Robert Dale Owen to indicate people and things that are not at all where they belong; Rep. Robert Dale Owen (D-IN) (1801-1877) belonged to the great state of Indiana. His temperament is suitable to the story though, as he was an ardent feminist, abolitionist, spiritualist, human rights activist, Commune co-founder (now the town of New Harmony, Indiana) and Democratic Socialist, who sponsored legislation creating the Smithsonian.

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