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Trivia / Pokémon Uranium

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  • Author Appeal: Involuntary-Twitch being a cat lover is apparently the reason why there are so many different cat-like Tandor species.
  • Dummied Out:
    • Sprites for Nuclear forms of the Pahar line exist in the data, even though they can't be encountered through normal means. Whether or not they'll be obtainable in the wild in a future update is yet to be seen, but as of August 6, 2017, Pokémon Uranium's first anniversary, a Nuclear Pahar is obtainable via mystery gift.
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    • Data exists for two Poké Balls that are unobtainable through normal means and don't even have full sprite sets. The Atom Ball is a more powerful version of the Nuclear Ball, offering a 5x capture rate for nuclear Pokémon. The Tandnum Ball has no actual defined effect, but its item description says it protects the caught Pokémon from radiation; exactly what this means is unclear. Curiously, Urayne comes in an Atom Ball when you receive it.
    • HM01, Cut, is absent from the game. It's coded as only being usable on Gliscor, the HMs that do exist in the game start counting from two, and Cut can still be called by Metronome.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: After the official download link was removed, this is currently the only way to obtain the game. While the fact that the download was an all-in-one installer makes this easy, the Devs warned that they can't verify the legitimacy of third-party links.
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  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Downplayed. Contrary to popular belief, the game wasn't hit with a cease and desist by Nintendo. Nintendo's copyright lawyers just contacted the devs about it and they removed the link out of respect for the request and Nintendo's copyright. They still plan on making updates for the game (which comes with a patcher), and third-party download links exist and are relatively easy to make (see above), so the game wasn't completely screwed, just hindered.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A pure Fire type named Flager was the Fire type starter in Beta 2.0, but was replaced with Raptorch in subsequent versions. Flager is still in the game, but as a normal wild encounter.
    • The ability to catch Nuclear Actan is an interesting case. You're given a bunch of Nuclear Balls right before you attempt to fight it, but if you do capture it, not only does the next cutscene act as if you just knocked it out, some versions of the game won't have it in your PC when you check later. If you do see it there, either because you got a lucky glitch or because your version allows it, it'll have a Nuclear front sprite, but normal back sprite, and the summary will call it Dark/Steel, but type matchups in battle will treat it like Nuclear/Steel. The ability to even attempt to catch it even if the game acts like you didn't is even more glaring because an earlier encounter—Seikamater—proved that programming to prevent a capture attempt exists (as does the existence of Nuzlocke Mode). It's like the devs can't agree on whether or not you should be able to capture the Nuclear form in the final game.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Here, though like the game itself it's still a WIP.


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