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Trivia / Pokémon Insurgence

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  • Ascended Fanon: Fans have been allowed to submit their own Delta Pokémon to the game's Reddit page, and recently the first of these fan-submitted Deltas, Delta Drifloon and Delta Drifblim, have ascended to be actually added to the proper game (although where they are hidden has yet to be discovered).
    • This was only the first of the fan-submitted Deltas to be accepted, as later on more fan creations were brought into the game, including Delta Lucario, Delta Scolipede, and many more.
    • The release of version 1.2 included over 100 fan-made Deltas added to the game!
  • I Knew It!: While not surprising, many fans had already guessed the player character had some sort of relation to the lost First Augur. Although not everyone knew what kind of relationship they would have, since during beta it was never mentioned that the First Augur even had a son/daughter.
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  • Schedule Slip: There was quite a lengthy period of time where no official updates were released for the game (ending just after the 6th Gym) and correspondence on the creator's Twitter account was sparse (although it did tease that an update would be coming out at some point with a slew of new Deltas along with it). For a time, fans were concerned the project may have been abandoned, especially in light of what happened to fellow fangame Pokémon Uranium. Eventually the next updates did finally release, though and the main storyline has since been fully released.
  • What Could Have Been: Earlier versions of the game featured a pair of silly-looking Mega Evolutions that were removed later: Mega Dugtrio (which was formed by a ludicrous number of Diglett) and Mega Golurk (which was basically a Golurk in a Gurren Lagann cosplay).

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