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Trivia / Pokémon: A Marvelous Journey

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  • Bonus Episode: The authoress makes a few from time to time in the form of bonus chapters, usually centering on characters that aren't Julia.
  • Bonus Material: There's a lot of it sprinkled on the authoress's various accounts on websites, like Bulbagarden and Deviant Art, such as Q&As, character interviews, artwork, etc.
  • Creator's Favorite: Notice how Chikorita often appears in the fic? Yeah, the authoress admitted in the most recent chapter that Chikorita is her favorite starter Pokemon.
    • She also mentions her favorite Johto gym leader is Jasmine, which is why she's given a lot of focus during the Olivine City chapters.
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  • Reality Subtext: The chapters that deal with Julia being forced to give Geraldine to a rehabilitation facility and Saoirse's death are both based on experiences the authoress had with some of her pets, in which one beloved cat died suddenly, and she was forced to give another one up due to being unable to help it with its many health issues.
  • What Could Have Been: The authoress revealed at the end of one chapter that she was originally planning to make Julia's Togepi shiny too along with her shiny Pichu, but figured it would be too much.
    • In her notes for chapter 55, she mentioned wanting to have Lavinia the Scyther not trust Julia at all, and have the latter release her as a way to address some reviewers' complaints about how her Pokemon seem to love her from the start. But since this chapter takes place right after chapter 54, she decided against it, figuring it'd wind up coming off more as an unnecessary Kick the Dog moment than anything. Instead, Lavinia stays with Julia.


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