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  • Creative Differences: Cited as a reason for C.C. DeVille's departure back in 1990; he was kicked out because the others thought his substance abuse issues were going a bit out of control (which is saying something), culminating in a highly publicised bust-up between him and Michaels at the MTV Music Video Awards in 1991.
  • Referenced by...: At the Drive-In took their name from a lyric in "Talk Dirty To Me."
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  • What Could Have Been: A number of guitarists were auditioned before C. C. DeVille joined the group. One of them was none other than Slash, who had yet to join Guns N' Roses; he was almost successful, but eventually decided to turn them down because he didn't like their glam image. The more mature and substantial songwriting on Native Tongue, for that matter, also makes one wonder where they would have gone in terms of sound if Richie Kotzen hadn't been thrown out for boning Rikki Rockett's fiancée.

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