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Trivia / Point Break (1991)

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  • Actor-Shared Background: Johnny Utah became a FBI agent after a knee injury ended his football career. In Real Life, Keanu Reeves was once an aspiring hockey player who suffered a knee injury and went on to become an actor.
  • Cast the Expert: Patrick Swayze was an accomplished skydiver and took part in the big skydiving scene. He made 55 jumps in total.
  • Deleted Role: Elizabeth Berkley had a small scene in the movie, but it was cut out.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: Two scenes from the movie that were deleted from the final cut but were shown in the theatrical trailer are:
    • Bodhi and Utah are in Bodhi's truck. Utah is shooting with a gun on the left side. Bodhi says, "This is gonna be a great day, Johnny!"
    • Utah meets Harp at his office with his surfboard. Harp is angry and says, "You are not here to pick up girls, Utah." Utah replies, "The original term is 'babes', sir!"
  • Stillborn Franchise: At one point, there were talks of making a Point Break 2, with Keanu Reeves reprising his role as Johnny Utah and Swayze reprising his role as Bodhi (apparently, Bodhi survived the ending). Swayze's death put an end to these plans.
  • Tom Hanks Syndrome: This is the first action movie which starred Keanu Reeves and the first film where he played an Action Hero, while his past career was mainly composed of teenage movies and arthouse films. Some critics even criticized the film because of this, fearing that with this Keanu would ruin his serious career.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: This film was made during the early days of the 1990s extreme sports craze, during which the public (especially young people) became more interested in sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, skydiving, and mountain biking. The increased interest in extreme sports during the 90s would later give birth to the X Games and Winter X Games.
  • What Could Have Been:
  • Working Title: Johnny Utah and Riders of the Storm.


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