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  • Author Existence Failure: Walt Kelly worked himself basically to death trying (with his wife, Selby) to animate his own Pogo special while keeping the daily strip going, due to his dissatisfaction with the Chuck Jones-produced Birthday Special.
  • Creator Backlash / Disowned Adaptation: According to Phi Beta Pogo, Walt Kelly despised the Pogo Birthday TV special, mainly for Chuck Jones mucking about with what Kelly wanted, and how "he took all the sharpness out of it and put in that sweet, saccharine stuff that Chuck Jones always THINKS is Disney, but isn't." Considering that Kelly himself was a former Disney animator, he wasn't saying that lightly.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: While several book collections were published during the strip's run, all of these are long out of print. In 2007 Fantagraphics Books announced the imminent launch of a Complete Pogo series reprinting the entire run of the strip (a la their Complete Peanuts series); due to apparent difficulties in obtaining decent source material for some of the early Sunday strips, it took until November 2011 for Volume One (of a projected twelve) to finally see release. As of 2017 — a full decade after the initial announcement — the series still hadn't made it past Volume Three, although the fourth and fifth volumes did come out in 2018.


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