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  • Creator Breakdown: Ellis's father died while he was writing the book, and fans pestering him for the next issue while he was in mourning didn't help matters.
  • Extremely Lengthy Creation: Because of the Schedule Slip mentioned below, this took well over a decade to complete. The longest gap was between the final two issues for Dec 2006 and Dec 2009.
  • Schedule Slip: One of the worst examples in comics history. Originally billed as a 24 issue monthly series, it wound up consisting of 27 issues and 3 specials, and came out over a period of a decade. The final issue came out more than two years after the preceding issue, but the rot set in early: upon its original release, the title was monthly, which rapidly became every 6 weeks, which became bimonthly by issue 4. There were a variety of reasons for the delay — legal troubles regarding likenesses, creator illnesses (at one point, Ellis was ill so Cassaday took on another assignment to keep working. By the time Ellis had recovered and Cassaday had finished, Cassaday was ill...).


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