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Trivia / Pippin

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  • Actor Allusion: To Irene Ryan, the original Berthe, who was best known as Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies:
    Now, I could waylay some aging roué
    And persuade him to play in some cranny,
    But it's hard to believe I'm being led astray
    By a man who calls me Granny!
  • Cast Incest: On the second U.S. tour, Antonia Ellis and Jerry Colker played Fastrada and Lewis, who are mother and son. The two performers eventually married, and are still together.
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  • Pippin is the only Broadway show to get the Tony for Best Leading Actor and Best Leading Actress for the same role. Ben Vereen won it for the Leading Player during the original run, and Patina Miller won it in the same role for the 2013 revival.
  • Filmed Stage Production: The Broadway run was filmed for Canadian television in 1981, with Ben Vereen reprising his role as the Leading Player. "I Guess I'll Miss the Man" was cut for runtime.
  • Throw It In: In the original production, original Pippin John Rubinstein struggled to find shoes that could handle all of the choreography while still staying within the time period; they struggled with this decision until opening night. On opening night, Rubinstein decided "to hell with it" and went onstage barefoot. While he expected backlash from Fosse for the decision, Fosse actually loved the choice, and Pippin remains barefoot in most modern productions.
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  • Troubled Production: The original production team did not get along, especially Bob Fosse and Stephen Schwartz. The veteran Fosse had no patience with a newcomer like Schwartz trying to assert himself.
  • In the touring production of the 2013 revival, the role of King Charles was played by John Rubinstein. He first became famous on Broadway by his portrayal of the title character of the 1972 musical... Pippin.