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  • Dyeing for Your Art: As is par for Daniel Day-Lewis, he took dressmaking lessons to prepare for his part.
  • Fake Nationality: Averted. This is the first film in nearly thirty years where Daniel Day-Lewis uses his natural British accent.
  • Inspiration for the Work: Paul Thomas Anderson got the initial idea for the film while he was sick in bed one day. His wife, Maya Rudolph, was tending to him and gave him a look that made him realize that she had not looked at him with such tenderness and love in a long time.
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  • Method Acting: Vicky Krieps did not meet Daniel Day-Lewis until her first day on set. As Day-Lewis famously stays in character during production of his films, Krieps was instructed to refer to him as "Reynolds" for the duration of filming. In multiple interviews promoting the film, Krieps still referred to Day-Lewis as "Reynolds."
  • Reality Subtext: It's difficult not to see parallels between Reynold's perfectionist tendencies and how seriously he takes his work and Daniel Day-Lewis' own attitude towards acting.
  • Written By Castmember: The script was written by Paul Thomas Anderson in collaboration with Daniel Day-Lewis. Anderson has even said that, "He probably should have some kind of co-writing credit."


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