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Trivia / Persona -trinity soul-

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  • Anime First: The anime came out in 2008 before novel and manga adaptations were done.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: With NIS America not marketing them anymore, the only way to obtain them is to either buy the Japanese version or look for them online with English subtitles. Another way is to look for used DVD copies.
  • Jossed: The series was considered canon until certain quirks in Persona 4 clashed with what -trinity soul- depicted. This was further proved wrong by Word of God when the Persona 3 Portable fanbook (which is canon) said that -trinity soul- wasn't considered canon, even with one of the main characters from Persona 3 involved.
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  • No Export for You: The visual book and the DVDs (again) are not found outside Japan.

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