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  • Bad Export for You: The original PS1 localization suffered from a baffling translation that changed all of the characters' names and appearances (save for Yuki), changed the setting to a fictional American city (but leaving the Japanese landmarks intact), drastically reduced difficulty, and the complete removal of the Snow Queen questline (several hours worth of gameplay) ostensibly due to there not being enough time to translate it. When the game received a re-release on PSP, the localized version remained faithful to the original Japanese version, the only holdover being the characters' western names (Hand Waved as nicknames).
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  • Old Shame: Atlus's original localization for the PS1.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There is an unused track in the official soundtrack which is called "Time Count Event". The track was later remixed in Persona 2 as the "Time Castle", which is owned by the titular count. Given The Reveal in Eternal Punishment that the Count is an avatar of Nyarlathotep, it's fairly obvious that he was meant to appear in the game.
    • Yuka Ayase's role in the Snow Queen Quest was meant to be much greater; there is a key item in the game's files called "Ambrosia" which she had cooked herself. This is referenced in the final game, as she wonders where the Home Economy room is.
    • The files from the game's initial western release also reveal that the Snow Queen Quest was meant to be included. Its entirety still exists in the game's data, and the first line of the Quest is even translated. It is possible to trigger it by hacking the game, but it is incredibly glitchy and completely freezes from a point onward.

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