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Trivia / Persepolis

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  • Banned In Lebanon: Surprising, considering how Lebanon is considerably more liberal than other Arab countries. Academic protest eventually overturned this ban, however.
  • Big Name Fan: John Kricfalusi (yes, THAT John Kricfalusi) mentioned on his blog that the film adaptation was one of the few modern animated works that he enjoyed.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Having never directed a film before, Marjane Satrapi agreed to do the animated version under the assumption that she'd only be supervising and that everyone else would do the heavy lifting while she banked on royalties. However, she learned early on that this was not the case and fully embraced the creative process, eventually having a modestly successful live-action filmmaking career.
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  • Real-Life Relative: In the French version, Marjane and her mother are voiced by Chiara Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve respectively, and they're in fact daughter and mother.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • They actually wanted to include Marjane's suicide attempt in the movie. A cut scene from the DVD actually shows the sketches of her hallucinations after she overdoses on medication that her husband drew, since she couldn't find it in herself to draw them herself. She also explains why it didn't fit into the movie.
    • The wedding sequence in the movie was cut down in a brief montage of the event.


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