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  • Actor Allusion: Cheech Marin plays an East L.A. resident who ends up getting deported, though this character is implied to actually be an illegal immigrant.
  • Missing Trailer Scene:
    • The film was marketed as a zany comedy and most trailers included a scene where the parrot flies next to another parrot and quips, "Saaay, do you realize we're both naked?" Again, it's never said in the movie.
    • Another scene heavily run in the trailers had a scientist holding up a card for Paulie and saying "What is this?" Paulie responds "It's a flash card, you idiot!". It wasn't in the actual film. Or, more accurately, the scene is in the film, but Paulie's response is very different (see the Funny Moments tag).
      • Immediately thereafter, a scientist asks, "How do I score this?" The trailers depicted Paulie shouting, "Score this!" and flying off through the room. Again, the scene was technically in the film, but it was actually spliced together from two different scenes and Paulie's lines before trying to fly off were very different (and more tragic).
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  • The Red Stapler: Parrots received a considerable surge in popularity from this film, especially blue-crowned conures.
  • Talking to Himself: Jay Mohr provides the voice of the titular parrot, as well as playing one of Paulie's owners.
  • What Could Have Been: Buddy Hackett, who plays Artie in the film, originally auditioned for the voice of Paulie, but he lost to Jay Mohr who impersonated his voice.


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