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Trivia / Paranoid

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     Trivia for the album 
  • Executive Meddling: The album was originally supposed to be called War Pigs (which explains the cover photos), but the band were forced to change it out of fear of a backlash from supporters of the ongoing Vietnam War.
  • Referenced by...:
    • The Hungarian band Warpigs was named after the track "War Pigs."
    • "Paranoid" has been covered by Megadeth. The song has also been used in films such as: Sid and Nancy, Dazed and Confused, Any Given Sunday, Almost Famous., and The Angry Birds Movie.
    • "Iron Man" has been used in Futurama during the episode "Anthology of Interest I" when Bender wondered what would happen if he was 500 feet tall — making him a literal iron man note .
     Trivia for the film 



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