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The TV Series:


The Film

  • Acting for Two: Jim Broadbent also provides the voice of Judy's Chinese lesson tapes.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Julie Walters with a Scottish accent and a fondness for bears? Hmm...
    • A proxy example. Millicent does a Mission: Impossible style entrance into the Brown house. She was married to Tom Cruise, star of the films, during the 90s.
    • It's also not the first time Nicole Kidman has played the villain in a children's film with a talking bear. Many of Millicent's scenes also feature a monkey, which was Mrs Coulter's daemon in the film.
    • There's also a poster of Virginia Woolf in Judy's class. Nicole Kidman played her in The Hours.
    • Jim Broadbent plays a former evacuee from World War II. He had played the caretaker to Blitz Evacuees in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  • Actor-Shared Background: Sally Hawkins plays an illustrator of children's books, a career her parents had.
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  • All-Star Cast: Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville, Julie Walters, Peter Capaldi, Jim Broadbent, Nicole Kidman, Ben Whishaw, Michael Gambon and Imelda Staunton.
  • Approval of God: Although he had his intial misgivings about the film, Michael Bond gave the finished film his approval when he saw it.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: The Japanese dub features film and television actor Tori Matsuzaka (a.k.a. Takeru Shiba) as Paddington, actor Arata Furuta as Mr. Brown, singer and narrator Yuki Saitonote  as Mrs. Brown, model and actress Natsume Mito as Judy and actress Yoshino Kimura as Millicent Clyde.
  • Channel Hop: The sequel was distributed in North America through Warner Bros. instead of The Weinstein Company because of the sexual assault scandal against TWC founder Harvey Weinstein. Coincidentally, Warners had already released both movies in Spain.
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  • Executive Meddling: Nicole Kidman learned how to twirl and throw knives. During shooting, producers actually asked her to tone it down, as it was considered too intense for a children's film. Ultimately, any scenes with Millicent throwing knives were cut.
  • Fake Brit: Nicole Kidman is Australian and plays the English Millicent Clyde. Scottish Peter Capaldi also puts on an English accent to be Mr Curry.
  • Fake Nationality:
    • The Peruvian bears are voiced by the English Ben Whishaw and Imelda Staunton and the Irish Michael Gambon. But since they were taught English by a British explorer, they all keep their natural accents.
    • British Jim Broadbent plays the Hungarian Dr Gruber. Michael Bond was initially sceptical, wanting a foreign actor for the part - as Dr Gruber had been based on his own agent, a German Jew. However he gave Jim Broadbent his approval.
  • Fake Scot: Julie Walters as Mrs Bird.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: The evil taxidermist Millicent Clyde is played by Nicole Kidman, who is a huge animal lover.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Ben Whishaw's quotes about replacing Colin Firth as Paddington in The Daily Mail saying that he has "no relationship to Paddington whatsoever" and attended the audition "begrudgingly" probably points to this trope as a reason why he signed on. Subverted to an extent, as that same interview revealed Whishaw's attitude turned into a case of So My Kids Can Watch since he has a 18 month old niece, and his initial apprehension was due to previous bad experiences doing voice over work. Once he started working, he quite enjoyed himself.
  • The Other Marty: A major example. Colin Firth was initially cast as the voice of Paddington, but they mutually decided he didn't sound right in the part. Ben Whishaw replaced him, but there had already been posters advertising Colin Firth in the role.
  • Playing Against Type: Ben Whishaw as Paddington. He's more known for Shakespeare roles, and playing anti-heroes, than being in family friendly movies.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Hugh Bonneville, Nicole Kidman and director Paul King all had fond memories of Paddington as kids, hence why they all agreed to work on the film.
  • Release Date Change: Originally it was suppose to come out in America on Christmas Day 2014, but because the Christmas Day was already crowded it was changed to January 16th for a wider audience. Despite opening the same weekend as American Sniper, it's done rather well considering (especially since there are no new other family friendly films out).
  • So My Kids Can Watch:
    • Subverted with Nicole Kidman. Her kids were initially excited to see her in the film...because they thought she would play Mary. When they discovered she was the villain, they weren't pleased.
    • A straight example occurred with Ben Whishaw. He did the film as a favor for his young niece.
  • Those Two Actors: Dolores Umbridge and Albus Dumbledore voice Paddington's aunt and uncle.
  • What Could Have Been: Hugh Laurie was rumoured to be in the running to voice Paddington, but ultimately Colin Firth and later Ben Whishaw provided the voice.


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