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  • Creator Backlash: One of the game's programmers now heavily regrets working on the game, out of a belief that Kane ruined the game's lore by using plot points from a previous iteration of the story.note 
  • What Could Have Been: Because of the game's long development cycle, a lot of things were changed before release.
    • The game was originally a lot different than the final version, so much so that the developers refer to this earlier version as Popgoes '15, while calling the final version Popgoes '16. Little is known about this earlier version, though the project leader himself admits that the earlier version was pretty bad.
    • Popgoes '15 was going to have a sequel, titled POPGOES Encore. It would've taken place on a movie set based off the location and the rumors around it, and it was a tower defense game instead of the point-and-click of the first game.
    • A more traditional sequel was planned for Popgoes '16, known simply as POPGOES 2. The game would have been set in Fritz's house, and included Dreamcatcher versions of the main five animatronics.
    • There was also a prequel comic called POPGOES: The Plastic Grave. Later, it was decided to change it into a novel, before it was scrapped entirely.
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    • The team also planned for a free expansion to the original game, titled The Silent Night. It would've been a long and trippy extra night, with only one animatronic attacking: Grave Stone.
    • The game was originally going to be titled Popgoes' Pizzaria, but for some reason, the site they uploaded the game to wouldn't let them use apostrophes in the title. They got around this by shortening the title to POPGOES.
    • A sequel and even a remake to POPGOES has been in the works, but was cancelled.

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