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  • Blooper: At the start of Topic of Discussion #30, just as he's saying his traditional intro line, the lamp next to him turns off and he stops to turn it back on.
    • There's a big one in the Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy IV review in his Season 3 video, where he mis-attributes the Wumbo line to SpongeBob instead of Patrick. This will be corrected whenever that episode is mentioned again.
  • Creator Breakdown: In June 2020, Pie Guy opened up about the one he went through following the "Every Episode of SpongeBob Season 10 Reviewed" video; the combination of getting double-crossed by a close friend, backlash over the SpongeBob Season 10 review itself, switching to exclusively hosting the RE-Cast podcasts, and an overall loss of passion for reviewing and analyzing SpongeBob and Schneider's Bakery shows left Pie Guy at a creative dead-end where he was uncertain of what to do with his channel anymore and at times considered just stopping making YouTube videos altogether. On top of that, he lost an entire family section to COVID-19 during the making of a Disney+ video.
  • Colbert Bump: He got a lot of subscribers after his Crossover with The Mysterious Mr. Enter.
    • There was also an increase after he was given a brief Shout-Out in RebelTaxi's Incredible Crew Review.
    • His appearances in some of Nathaniel Bandy's videos definitely didn't hurt his popularity.
    • On the flip side of the coin, the SpongeBob fansite Sponge Buddy Mania receives a steady stream of new members ever since it was referenced in his SpongeBob Season Reviews.
  • The Danza: Averted, since he only goes by his real name (which is A.J.) in his College Confessions series.
  • Development Hell: His Wigstruck rant for Spongey Bits was recorded several times, but he was never been satisfied with it until it finally came out 2 years later.
    • Similarly, the Bottom of the Bakery video on the final part of the Seddie arc, iCant Take It, has slowly but surely gone down this route, no doubt in part due to Dan Schnieder's departure from Nick resulting in less than pleasant rumors about him, but also due to the giant shift to RE-Cast on Pieguy's channel.
  • Milestone Celebration: His 6-part 2 Year Anniversary Special and 5 Year Anniversary Rant Retrospectives
  • Missing Episode: His website has mostly become one. The main page at least has been archived nine times between 2009 and 2013 thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but everything else has been lost. note 
    • Which includes a good number of videos that were exclusive to the website.
    • Word of God says here that a lot of his videos have been taken off of YouTube by himself as well.
      • Building off of this, entire series are completely gone. Remember The Game Boy? Or Piecast? Or Pokemon: The Next Generation? How 'bout The Three Brothers? OR HIS COMIC BOOK REVIEWS?
    • His first batch of Twitch livestreams weren't recorded, but starting with his Truth or Square Livestream, they will be uploaded onto his Pieguy Plays channel.
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    • Also, his SpongeBob updates are deleted shortly after the latest review comes out. He stated in a Twitter post that he does that to "clean up" his channel.
    • The two videos in his "Plot Points" series were deleted from YouTube due to them not reflecting his current opinion, him not being on speaking terms with the person he collaborated with in the video, and them just not being very good videos in his view.
    • The remains of his account can be found here. It shows several videos that aren't available anymore, like a '90s Are All That Post-Show video, a Portal 2 Let's Play, his Rugrats Retrospective, and a video about E3 2011.
    • His video on fair use. He took the video down the day after he uploaded it because he didn't want his channel to become something that wasn't fun and he felt that he didn't know enough about the topic and wanted to avoid spreading misinformation.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The character descriptions at the end of the SpongeBob Movie Review, courtesy of the SpongeBuddy Mania Forums.
  • Old Shame: His early videos. It's evident in his Rant Retrospectives that he is very critical of his past-self.
    Ow. Ow, that hurt.
    Pie Guy, after watching his very first rant
    • His Atlantis Squarepantis Sing-A-Long review.
  • Sequel Gap:
    • His review of SpongeBob Season 1 was released on June 20, 2013. His review of SpongeBob Season 2 was released on July 23, 2013, around one month later. His review of SpongeBob Season 3, however, was released on September 23, 2013, which was two months later. An even bigger gap formed with the SpongeBob Movie Review, which came out on January 30, 2014. In an update video, he said that Seasons 1, 2, and 3 came quickly because that was during summer vacation. Also, Seasonal Rot is much more abundant in later seasons, requiring much more in-depth critiquing and examining. Season 4 was released 8 months later on June 6th of 2014, while the Season 5 review was released two months later on August 18th. The Season 6 review, however, did not come around until 5 months later on February 5th of 2015, followed by the biggest sequel gap with his reviews (at the time) with his Season 7 review being released almost an entire year later on December 18, 2015. This came as a result of his internship taking up much of his time, and it simply not being a very interesting season to talk about. This was initially eliminated in 2016, with him announcing that his big season reviews will be, from there on out, released in December, but he then had a change in plan and released his Season 8 video in October instead, and has announced that he'll do other TV series besides SpongeBob for his "Every Episode Reviewed" series. Season 10 has beaten Seasons 7 and 8 for the longest gap between seasonal reviews, as the Season 10 review came out a YEAR and 4 months after the Season 9B review.
    • His first two Disney Rants were uploaded on March 1st 2009 and April 18th 2009, respectively. His third Disney Rant was supposed to be about the Jonas Brothers, but was delayed until September 5th 2010, and by that time the Jonas Brothers had just about fallen off the face of the Earth.
  • Throw It In!: In his analysis of Season 4 vs Season 5, he tries to say the name of the Season 1 episode "Naughty Nautical Neighbors". He flubs it, and decides to leave it in, with the slide from his review of said episode turning around until he gets it right.
  • What Could Have Been: His WVlog on the Fine Bros. React World incident may have been a "very sarcastic sketch" instead. He held a poll on Twitter to decide which one he would do, but it was very much split down the middle. He ultimately decided to do the WVlog after realizing that his acting skills weren't good enough for a sketch. He compensated by having the video be filled to the brim with snark, though.
  • The Wiki Rule: The PieGuyRulz Wiki.

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