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Trivia / Íverenskommelser

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  • Completely Different Title: The original Swedish title of Överenskommelser, can be translated into "Agreements" or "Understandings". But...
    • ... the Danish title, Aegtepagten, can be translated as "The marriage pact". Which is rather close to being a literal translation, actually.
    • ... the Finnish title, Unelmia ja yllätyksiä, can be translated as "Dreams and surprises".
    • ... the German title, Ein ungezähmtes Mädchen, can be translated into "An untamed girl".
    • ... the Italian title, Ritratto di donna in cremisi, can be translated into "Portrait of a woman in crimson".
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    • ... the Latvian title, Nepaklaviga, can be translated as "The non-economic".
    • ... the Norwegian title, Frihet og fangenskap, can be translated as "Freedom and captivity".