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  • Teasing Creator: Very much so. Flintlock often hints at information that would clear up a lot of the information of the current story, but only rarely outright confirms things.
  • Word of God: Frequently. Flintlock often posts worldbuilding or background information in the thread, such as confirming Smile's status as Alex's strongest Pokemon, or expanding on issues that have been touched on in-universe like Type Supremacy.
    • More examples of this include the names of his first six Pokemon (Smile, Flock>Don, Pyre, Nap, Douse and Copse), and the order of the Kanto Badges that Alex earned.
    • Essentially, if something that the readers bring up that isn't likely to ever come up in the story in a big way, then Flintlock will often answer. Similarly, if a reviewer makes a correct guess he will often confirm it.

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