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Trivia / Orion's Arm

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  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: As different as they are, there is one thing that holds true for nearly all civilizations: expansionist civilizations eventually (on galactic timescales) disappear. While this started as a logic consequence of the real world observation that humanity has yet to observe alien megastructures, it lends an air of mystery and uncertainty as to the continued future of the Terragen Sphere, and acts meta-Singularity, in much the same way that the real world is on the cusp of singularities the Terragen Sphere has long since shattered.
  • Technology Marches On: The setting has been updated in the past to adhere more closely to real world physics, and that has included some instances of this; unsurprisingly given that the setting has existed online since the late 90s and many core pages date back to the early 00's. One example which hasn't been updated is the way the Known Net (the interstellar equivalent of the internet) is portrayed as a bunch of forums, which have largely been supplanted by social media for most internet users.
    • AI terminology involves referencing the Turing Test a lot, and sophont level ai are said to be "turingrade". Of course, in the real world, the Turing Test has mostly been discredited as a test of intelligence since it's just one kind of intelligence.

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