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Trivia / Ori and the Blind Forest

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  • Fan Nickname: The Rotten Beetle enemies are generally called "Banelings", due to the fact that they are green, rolling... things that attack by exploding.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The behind-the-scenes videos show both narrative and gameplay concepts of all sorts that never got past the concept stage or were cut out of the final production. For starters, Sein was originally the protagonist instead of Ori (though with what was basically the same role). Gameplay concepts include odd mini-games including a mimicry of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's music mechanic, and less platform-based means of purifying the Ginso Tree. They went through a lot of ideas, to say the least.
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    • And this included the music. Those from the prototype and various alternative tracks had an entirely different tempo and motif, likely tailored for another kind of gameplay.
    • Ori's death animation was different from the final version. There were death sequences other than the standard "disintegrate into sparkles" type, among them being Ori falling onto spikes and getting sliced in half (more or less graphically, with 2 different iterations).
      • Which, for completeness's sake, is further cut down in the sequel, where for most part only the "disintegrate into sparkles" was retained - The final cut of this first game of the series retained three: disintegration into sparkles, disintegration into flaming sparkles, and drowning. The Many Deaths of You really does not go well with the tone of the game at all, platformer traditions notwithstanding.