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Trivia / Operation Flashpoint (Codemasters)

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  • Banned in China: Dragon Rising is, surprisingly, an aversion. The game is noteworthy in China for the portrayal of PLA troops, gear and vehicles rendered nicely in current-gen graphics, with gameplay pitched as seeing the battlefield from the enemy's point of view.
  • Franchise Killer: Red River. Unlike the first one, Dragon Rising, Red River took what made the series unique, threw nearly all of it out and turned itself into a generic Modern Warfare clone, a move that appealed to fans of neither series, so guess how well that went... Worse yet, Red River doubled as a Creator Killer, since Codemasters promptly closed down its Guildford studio after the game's failure. Meanwhile, OFP's original creators are still going strong with their ARMA series, apparently being the winner in the Dueling Games affair they had with the Codemasters' Spiritual Successor.


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