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Video game:

  • All-Star Cast: This game is chock-full of big-name anime voice actors. Noriaki Sugiyama, Miyuki Sawashiro, Takehito Koyasu and Rie Kugimiya, to name a few. Same goes for the English Kessen! dub cast with talents like Crispin Freeman and Liam O'Brien. Averted with the Chinese Kessen! dub cast.
  • The Anime of the Game: They created a 2D anime-style PV featuring Yaobikuni and an all-CGI short created for the game's 1-year anniversary, now used for the game's opening sequence when you first start the game.. A 12-episode anime special in the format of web anime titled Heian Monogatari is going to be aired in Chinese video hosting site Bilibili starting from April 21 2018, with a second season incoming.
    • There's also the Onmyoji Kindergarten series, A Useless Onmyoji Family, and an unnamed donghua based on the Ooeyama taiji.
  • Fan Nickname: As a fanon have it, Shiromujō's real name is "Tsukishiro" (actually, it is his skin name, Tsukishiro-no-enishi), and its still sometimes being used by Kuromujō is the key to breaking him out of Wistful Amnesia. Following that line of thinking, Kuromujō's real name is also deemed as "Kurobane" (from skin name Kurobane-no-kizuna).
    • Failing that, they get called Okita and Hijikata respectively for obvious reasons.
    • On the English servers, Yoto Hime has picked up the nickname "Panty Hime".
    • Also on the English servers, Tamamo no Mae has acquired the silly nickname "Tamago no Mayo" (egg mayonnaise).
    • "Armin" for Oguna and Yukidōji to a lesser extent, for obvious reasons.
    • Onikiri has "Onigiri", "Rice Ball", "Anija" and "Mikazuki Munechika". Calling him by the name the real sword is currently known as, Higekiri, is also not uncommon.
    • Less commonly, "Noriaki Kakyoin" for Susabi, owing to their shared voice actor, similarly-asymmetrical hair styles, deliberate bishōnen aesthetics, overall personality and attack pattern. Once the similarities sink in it's not difficult to see his 8-shot Scourge: Moon as a 20-meter-radius Emerald Splash, especially once it explodes and showers everything else in sight with projectiles...
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    • Yorimitsu is known as "Yoripotsu" in China, for becoming the official scapegoat of the game, so much so it became a meme.
    • "Dio Brando" for Arakawa-no-Aruji due to his voice actor, and "DIO" for his SP version which rolled out in early 2019.
  • Name's the Same: Kagura has the same name, same fighting style and even the same voice actress as another Kagura
  • No Dub for You: The original game doesn't have foreign language voice tracks, while the MOBA game does.
  • No Export for You: Of the four crossover events, only the first one for Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan has not happened in the English version of the game yet, due to licensing issues.
    • Despite, or possible because of it being one of the most popular manga ever released in the west, the 5th event, for Bleach, also seems to not be happening either. Incidentally, Bleach and Nura are both distributed by Viz Media, thus making future crossovers with other intellectual properties under their license unlikely.
  • The Other Darrin: In the musical adaptations. All characters that appeared in the Heian Emaki musical (Seimei, Ibaraki-dōji and Shuten-dōji) are recast in the Ōezan-hen musical.
  • Playing Against Type: Seimei is nowhere near the weird, Tsundere character type his voice actor is known for. His Sasuke-ish Evil Counterpart on the other hand…
    • Shiromujō isn't the bratty type his voice actor is often cast as. That role goes to his brother Kuromujō.
    • Ibaraki-dōji, no question.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Talking to Himself: Plot-wise, any and all conversations between Seimei and Kuro Seimei. As are those between Kagura and Mōba.
    • Some voice actors voice more than one roles in this game, and having two or more characters voiced by the same seiyū fight each other results in this. Having the same character on both sides results in literal Talking to Himself.
    • Menreiki who literally talks to herself in the story when Seimei temporarily splits her Jekyll & Hyde personalities.
  • Trolling Creator: If anything, NetEase also got on the April Fools' Day 2018 bandwagon with numerous jokes, including promising the release of a Romance Game spin-off. One of them turns out to be serious: they did lower the SSR rate the next day.
  • Uncredited Role: Noriaki Sugiyama as Kuro Seimei; Seimei's Chinese and English VA/Chinese and English system voice in Kessen!; the PV narrators; the voice talents for Kuzunoha, Tadayoshi, Ame-onna's husband, Yamata-no-orochi's snake form, and various minor characters.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Earlier concepts for Tamamo-no-Mae's playable unit included a Stance System, where he would transform mid-battle through the use of certain skills, and an idea also existed where he could be a purely Control-based unit. Both of these ideas either clashed with the core of his design, or proved too complicated to implement, so the developers went with what we have now. The stance system was latter used for Takiyasha-hime.
    • Menreiki was supposed to be able to wield all seven of her masks in combat, though the developers scaled that down to three, since as she is right now, Menreiki is already notoriously Difficult, but Awesome, coding for that many more variables in a battle on a single unit would make her far too complex.
    • The original idea for Higanbana's flower fields was an entire segment of the Sanzu river running across her enemy's side. Naturally, this proved to be a gigantic resource drain, considering the fact that Onmyōji is a mobile game first and foremost, and the river part was scrapped.
  • The Wiki Rule: Can be found here.

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