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Trivia / Only Yesterday

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  • Children Voicing Children: In both the original Japanese track and the English dub, all the child characters (including young Taeko) are voiced by actual children.
  • Dawson Casting: Inverted with the latest English dub, with 23 year-old Daisy Ridley voicing the 27 year-old Taeko.
  • Late Export for You: The film took the longest time to be localized into English, having been one of the only Ghibli films not released on DVD or Blu-ray in America. Finally, in 2016, GKIDS and Universal ran the film in indie theaters across the country, and released it on Blu-ray and DVD on July 5 that year. Reportedly, Disney didn't release the film because of the talk of menstruation and Miramax's treatment of Princess Mononoke, which becomes even more ironic considering Disney released an animated short in the forties titled The Story of Menstruation.
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  • Real Song Theme Tune: The ending theme is a Japanese cover of Bette Midler's "The Rose".


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