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Trivia / On the Edge of the Devil's Backbone

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  • Author Appeal: In case you haven't noticed, strong female characters, Twi'leks, Kanera, and analogizing Rylothean political culture to ancient Roman political culture.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • When coming up with now-Alecto's name, the author considered "Metis", but scratched it as it wouldn't sound good with the S sounds of Metis Syndulla blurring together; something that was an epithet for Juno or Hera, but then decided she wanted the name to indicate that Hera's mother was more than just Hera's mother; likewise, she ended up scratching "Enyo", as she didn't want to name her after one of the Goddess Hera's children for the same reason; "Rhea" was briefly considered, but was too obvious and didn't fit the character. She eventually found that "Alecto" was perfect for such a Hot-Blooded character.
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    • The author has lamented that they cut had to cut out snippets of backstory within the fic to keep a steady wordcount, so that information had to end up being revealed through Word of God or saved for sometime later.
    • The whole concept of the AU was originally spawned from the author toying around with the idea of an Evil Is Sexy AU of Kanera (and then in hindsight, made the author realize her Gambitverse also originated the same way), but after talking it out with a friend on how the AU would actually work, it got toned down and changed to "Evil Makes Your Parents Disappointed In You & Your Life Choices" AU.
    • The other part of how the AU spawned was that it was originally going to build off of an AU of Kanan time traveling that the author called "Trade All Your Tomorrows". However, the author was burnt off of writing for the Ouroboros trilogy, which was also a time travel story and didn't want to repeat doing that.
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    • While the Force-sensitivity testing on cadets stayed, the author had to drop a subplot about Ezra and Zare. Zare and his plot ended up being completely omitted from the story.
  • Word of God: The author provides background information about the story on her Tumblr and Twitter.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: The author admits it was a bit of this earlier on in the story in regards to the parts that don't follow The Stations of the Canon, but she ended up getting the hang of it and now has a relatively solid plot for the original characters. She's also still trying to keep the story going through said stations as the show is still running so that the fic doesn't diverge too much. For example, she has a completely different backstory for Sabine, as Season 2 and Season 3 were not completely out yet when she began writing the fic, though she has expressed wanting to change some things so they still fit.
  • Misc.
    • The author used to hate flashbacks as a plot device, but thanks to this story, she has grown to like them, especially when using them on Hera.
    • For sake of decency (and this applies to every content creator), please don't ask when the next chapter is or why she's writing something else.

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