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  • Actor Allusion: Both Gösta Ekman (Sickan) and Peter Haber (Dr. Busé) would later play Martin Beck in the two TV series made after the books. In the last movie, a prison guard is shown watching an episode of Beck, with only some spoken lines heard ("This is Martin Beck. We know you are in there. You are surrounded.")
  • Casting Gag: The lovesick Danish tourist who pursues a reluctant Benny in the prologue to Olsen Bandens Sidste Bedrifter is played by Lily Weiding, Morten Grunwald's longtime girlfriend (and later wife).
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  • Fatal Method Acting: Averted by Ove Sprogøe, the Danish Egon. In a scene from Olsen Bandens Sidste Bedrifter where Egon was to be dropped in the harbor wearing cement shoes, he was ready to do the scene himself, but the director insisted on using a dummy - which, due to a miscalculation, was smashed flat in the first take.
  • Memetic Mutation: To the point that Eastern Germans loved to ask „Egon, hast du einen Plan?“ (Egon, do you have a plan?) to Egon Krentz, the last leader of the GDR.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Several instances:
    • Egon smokes his perpetual cigars less and less (instead chewing on the cold stumps) because actor Ove Sprogøe didn't smoke in real life.
    • See Put on a Bus on the Main page: Børge after movie 8. Sources differ about the reasons (alternatively drug problems or Jes Holtsø feeling that he hadn't gotten his fair share of the success)
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    • In the 14th Danish movie: Yvonne's absence as well as Kjeld's living partner joining the heist instead of him are both due to Actor Existence Failure.
    • That is also the reason for Valborg being in the 14th Norwegian movie instead of Kjeld.
    • Sickan is only the leader of the first five (of eight) Jönssonligan movies because the actor Gösta Ekman d.y. got involved with the first series of Martin Beck movies.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Stellan Skarsgård, at least to non-Swedish viewers would only become recognisable in the 2000s.

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