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Trivia / Olaf's Frozen Adventure

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  • Ascended Fanon: Although its canonicity is questionable, this Disney-published short gives some weight to a couple of popular fan theories:
    • The original film left it ambiguous whether the family in Oaken’s sauna was his own or just customers. This short portrays them as being his family, though it remains mum on the other half of the theory that the eldest man is Oaken’s husband.
    • Much of the fandom already assumed Arendelle was a part of Norway. This short portrays it as being so.
  • Dueling Works: With Trolls Holiday, which aired on TV the same week this special was released into theaters. Despite doing well at the box office with the feature it was paired with, many people, both Frozen fans and normal viewers, despised the short because of its focus on Olaf instead of Anna and Elsa, and was way too long for a theatrical short, with some people either outright refusing to see Coco or arriving late in order to avoid the short. Eventually, theaters got the hint and removed the short after two weeks. Mexican audiences were so annoyed with it that theater chains pulled it after a week.
    • Also, the short's merchandise failed to move off store shelves (both at the Disney Store and in normal retailers) and didn't sell as much as the Trolls Holiday merchandise or the merchandise of fellow Disney franchise Moana. This caused Trolls to reign victorious.
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  • Early Draft Tie-In: The novelization has the Norwegian cake being in the shape of Arendelle instead, implying that the change was relatively late in development.
  • Edited for Syndication: Some of the scenes were cut when the special ran on ABC:
    • The opening logos, though the closing logo remained intact.
    • Olaf's line "House number one".
    • Anna and Elsa rounding up the citizens to find Olaf.
  • Not Screened for Critics: It was not included in critical screenings of Coco, meaning critics didn't tell audiences about it beforehand.
  • Playing Against Type: John de Lancie plays a character in the short, one who only says a few lines before leaving with his wife. This character isn't a snarky Anti-Hero like Q or Discord, but a normal human.
  • Short Run in Peru: Released with Coco in Mexico nearly a month ahead of its US release. It also released digitally and aired on TV in Latin America before its airing on ABC.
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  • Throw It In!: As he does in the franchise's other instalments, Josh Gad ad-libbed many of Olaf's lines in this short.
  • What Could Have Been: Before settling on a holiday special, other ideas for a short starring Olaf were tossed around:
    • Olaf getting a new sibling named Loaf, who would have been a caricature of Larry David.
    • Olaf starring in a variety show.
    • Olaf being stuck in a crevasse for hours.
    • Olaf befriending a large marshmallow.


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