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  • Executive Meddling: Occasionally, some clips considered for the show are rejected by Adult Swim's Standards and Practices team for being too vulgar or sexual. A prime example of this is the aptly named Swear Words music video for the "Words" episode.
    • The Youtube upload of the "Progress" episode has VERY little views compared to the uploads of other episodes; Still under 75,000 views after 3 months (for comparison, most other episodes usually have 250,000 views minimum). The reason being is most likely because Adult swim uploaded the thumbnail as white text on a white background.
  • What Could Have Been: There were numerous videos considered for each episode, but never used for several reasons. Namely denied due to copyrights or being too expensive to license, not obscure enough to work, being made after an episode was already complete, or completely unknown reasons.
    • The Deetian Love Song video seen at the very end of the season 8 episode "Love" was originally going to appear as early as season 1's "Space" episode, but was cut from space for unknown reasons.
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    • Segments of other Adult Swim shows such as Metalocalypse were going to be shown as well, but this was dropped because this meant having to license it again at the expense of the other footage. Traces of this still appear with Space Ghost making random appearances in the background of some episodes.

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