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Trivia / Octopussy and The Living Daylights

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  • Posthumous Credit: The book was published two years after Ian Fleming's death.
  • Working Title: "The Living Daylights" was originally called "Trigger Finger" and "007 in New York" was originally called "Reflections in a Carey Cadillac".
  • Write What You Know: "Octopussy" covers a lot of Fleming's favourite topics - hidden gold, tropical fish, and the wartime exploits of commandos.
  • Write Who You Know: "Trigger" in "The Living Daylights" was partly based on Fleming's half-sister Amaryllis Fleming, a concert cellist with blonde hair. He even managed to get a passing reference to her in the story:
    Of course Suggia had managed to look elegant, as did that girl Amaryllis somebody.