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  • California Doubling: Kent doubles for Cuba in The Teaser. In fact, this was the site where Fort Knox was built for Goldfinger. In some scenes, Britain doubled for Germany.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • 007 Against Octopussy (Brazil and Portugal)
    • Octopus (Finland)
    • Operation Octopus (Italy)
    • 007 Averts the Plot (China)
    • 007 Against the Deadly Girls (Mexico)
  • The Danza: Bond's ally Vijay, an amateur tennis player, is played pro Vijay Amritraj.
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  • Dueling Movies: With Sean Connery's Never Say Never Again, being dubbed "The Battle of the Bonds". Neither film really wowed critics. Octopussy won by a tight margin at the box office.
  • Fake Brit: Swedish actress Maud Adams plays an Englishwoman.
  • Fake Nationality: Kamal Khan, the exiled Afghan prince, is played by French actor Louis Jourdan.
  • Fake Russian: English actor Steven Berkoff and German actor Walter Gotell play Russians. note 
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Vijay Amritraj plays a snake charmer. In reality, Amritraj is terrified of snakes and was virtually unable to take part in any of the action. His character mentions this while disposing of the cobra in the basket by telling Bond "This was the wrong cover. I hate snakes."
  • No Stunt Double: Kristina Wayborn as Magda says a romantic au revoir to James Bond by way of an elegant elegiac window exit. She actually performed this stunt herself, swirling down to the ground, her dress acting as her support and being unwound as she alighted safely to the ground. Weyborn's departure was filmed in two different locations: her fall from the balcony was filmed at Pinewood Studios in England and her landing was filmed on location in India.
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  • Prop Recycling: In the scene where Octopussy's circus was walking down the street, there is a brief glimpse of a performer on stilts wearing a skull mask which looks like the one from Halloween III: Season of the Witch.
  • Recycled Script: The plot is very reminiscent of Goldfinger, with Auric Goldfinger's role played by Kamal Khan, Oddjob's by Gobinda, Pussy's by Octopussy, her flying circus by an actual circus, a Renegade Russian in place of Goldfinger's backing from Red China, and a backgammon game replacing the famous golf match, down to Oddjob/Gobinda crushing the golf ball/dice. The very next film, A View to a Kill, is another Goldfinger remake.
  • Refitted for Sequel: Many production and story ideas and elements not used in Moonraker ended up being utilized for this film. These included the knife throwing twins, the casting of Louis Jourdan as the villain and the Acrostar Bede jet sequence. The backgammon game was originally intended to take place in Max Kalba's club in The Spy Who Loved Me.
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  • Throw It In!: The bicyclist seen passing in the middle of a sword fight during the tuk tuk chase sequence was in fact a bystander who passed through the shot, oblivious to the filming; his intrusion was captured by two cameras and left in the final film.
  • Troubled Production: The film had problems in the writing phase after initial writer George MacDonald Fraser's draft contained several scenes that were ludicrously infeasible to film, in addition to generally lacking the feel of a Bond film, necessitating a rushed overhaul of the screenplay by veteran Bond writer Richard Maibaum and producer Michael G. Wilson. Casting the title character also proved difficult, with close to two dozen actresses being screen-tested before the producers finally threw their hands up and cast Maud Adams, who had previously been the secondary Bond Girl in The Man with the Golden Gun, while lifting some details from the original Ian Fleming story (the script having been an In Name Only adaptation until that point) to explain her non-Indian appearance. Then, during filming Roger Moore's stunt double was severely injured after an accident while filming the train sequence, which affected morale for the rest of the shoot.
  • Uncredited Role: Ingrid Pitt as the uncredited voice of a Galley Mistress.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Moore was considering stepping down from the role following For Your Eyes Only, and EON were looking to recast, even toying with the idea of casting an American (James Brolin, who screen-tested three times) as Bond. However, when the rival "unofficial" film Never Say Never Again starring Sean Connery was announced to release around the same time as Octopussy, EON decided to stick with Moore, feeling that pitting a new, untested Bond actor against a juggernaut like Connery would be a horrible move. It paid off, as while both films were successful, Octopussy beat NSNA at the box office. Also, one of the actors considered to replace Moore was Timothy Dalton.
    • Faye Dunaway was considered for Octopussy, but was deemed too expensive. Grace Jones was also considered, but producers balked at the possible negative response to Bond having a black love interest. Kathleen Turner was also considered.
    • Octopussy was originally supposed to be South Asian.
    • Rutger Hauer was considered for General Orlov.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Maud Adams had previously played Andrea Anders in The Man with the Golden Gun.
    • M is played by Robert Brown, who previously played Admiral Hargreaves in The Spy Who Loved Me. A common Fanon theory is that they are the same person.
    • Albert Moses, who plays Sadruddin, previously played a bartender in The Spy Who Loved Me.

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