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Trivia / OS-tan

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  • Reality Subtext: In spades. Both the Nijura OS-girls and Microsoft's mascots are intentionally crafted around their parent software's history and quirks, which are worked into their character designs and personality.
    • The Apple Mac OS-themed girls tend to have a dislike of the Windows-themed girls, for example, although only the older OS 7 version of the Mac-tans gets explosively violent, hurling Cartoon Bombs modeled after the Row of Bombs error screen common to early-era Mac OS machines.
    • Inori Aizawa hates bullies, stemming from people making fun of her from her early days in the business when she was considerably clumsier and less reliable.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Besides having a page on The Other Wiki, there is an entire OS-tan Wiki.

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