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Trivia / OGRE

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Trivia for the Tabletop Game OGRE

  • He Also Did:
    • After designing this game for Metagaming Concepts, Steve Jackson would later go on to form his own gaming company.
    • Winchell Chung was the artist for the first edition and created the iconic look of the OGRE. These days he's now known for his influential website Atomic Rockets.
  • Old Shame: Chung dislikes his early illustrations for the game. It was done back when he was still a high school student, though fans still enjoy his distinguishing design of the supertank.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition:
    • OGRE Designer Edition combines both OGRE and G.E.V. games. Weighing at 25 pounds, the box includes large full color counters, tiles and maps and three-dimensional cardboard figures for the Ogres. Contrast this with the first and re-released editions, which could fit in one's pocket.
    • The Kickstarter Edition of the Designer Edition was given to those who helped in the campaign. It included extras like 3-D Counters and a copy of the Pocket Edition.


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