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Trivia / Nostalgia (BEMANI)

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  • Bad Export for You: "Senbonzakura" is unavailable in non-Japanese versions. While the song not being in the Korean version is to be expected due to the themes of the song, it seems rather odd that the song would also be removed from non-Japan, non-Korea builds as well.
  • No Export for You: As is unfortunately par for the course for modern Japanese arcade games, the game is only available in Japan and select countries in Asia, and the online DRM requirement ensures that arcades not on the whitelist can't run it. It's not even available at Round 1's American branches.
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  • Recycled Set: The game reuses the BeatStream cabinet, due to the latter's online service (and the game having online-requiring DRM) being terminated around the time the former was introduced. The key (ahem) difference is the addition of a piano controller just below the touchscreen. However, an original cabinet designed specifically for Nostalgia is also available.
  • Similarly Named Works: There's another game named Nostalgia that has its own page on TV Tropes Wiki.

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