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Trivia / Noonbory and the Super 7

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  • Blooper: Among the tons of animation errors, there are also some goofs from the narrator.
    • In "Ready, Steady, Go", the narrator says Pongdybory and Jetybory are in the lead when it's clearly Pongdybory and Cozybory in the lead.
    • In "Rosygury and the Bee-Bee Trap", Noonbory and Totobory go off in search of flowers. Once they find some and pack them onto the windbike, Totobory straight up disappears. He's seen for a brief moment at the end, though.
    • In "Coldygury and the Hot Lost Buns", Totobory gets cornered against a wall of ice by a giant snowball. Noonbory comes to the rescue, but when he comes out, Cozybory is with him rather than Totobory.
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    • In "Ship Shape", Totobory's leaves, and later symbol, briefly disappear (poor Totobory can't catch a break, can he?).
    • In "Hide and Go Squeak", the narrator says Rosygury tripped over some vines. Those weren't vines. note 
  • Children Voicing Children: 15 year old Markian Tarasiuk as 8 year old Totobory.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Despite what literally every website ever's synopsis tells you, the main focus of the episode "Sled's Away!" is not Totobory.note 
  • Fandom Life Cycle: Currently transitioning from Stage 1 to Stage 2.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Good luck finding this show in its entirety. A few DVDs exist, but they don't cover the entire series. Episodes are up on YouTube as well, but similar to the DVDs, not every episode has been uploaded. All episodes of Season 1 are available for purchase on YouTube, however.
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  • No Export for You: The second season, Tooba Tooba Noonbory, was never dubbed in English (or any other language besides its original Korean, for that matter).
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Shares a few cast members with Kung Fu Dino Posse. Case in point: Nolan Balzer (Chow) as Farmerbory, Kevin Aichele (Skrap) as Wangury, and Brent Hirose (Jet) as Noonbory.
  • The Wiki Rule: Super Borys Wiki. It is very new, and could really use some editors.

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