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  • Channel Hop: To CNN, which Anthony hopes will get him access to places like Liberia.
  • Follow the Leader: Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape, Independent Film Channel's Man Shops Globe (their guy even looks rather like Anthony).
  • Milestone Celebration: "100 episodes isn't enough, but we're celebrating it anyway."
  • Reality Subtext: The Lebanon episode took a dramatic turn when Israel started bombing Beirut mid shoot. The crew was trapped in a hotel for weeks. They still did the show, using pre-conflict footage, as well as footage of the host and crew dealing with the stress of being in the war zone and Anthony cooking a meal at the hotel, and the escape from Lebanon. If the TV Info is right, they're going to give Lebanon another shot.
    • Also the Tuscany episode, when the guest director, with a background in artistic cinema had a vision for the episode clashing with Anthony's one on a basic level, they spend half the episode fighting, until they make peace at the end. Although Word of God is that this was entirely staged.
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    • In the latest Vietnam episode, his trip there is partly spurred by the death of Madame Ngoc, restaurant owner and Apron Matron he first met in A Cook's Tour. One segment also showed him house shopping - he's said in interviews that he intends to move his family to Southeast Asia and live there for a few years.
  • Writer Revolt: If Anthony Bourdain doesn't like something, the audience will hear about it, loudly (generally as an aside or in voice over if he needs to not insult a host). One memorable rant occurred when the producer/cameraman asked him to say something eloquent about waterfalls while they were filming one in Indonesia: the response can be summed up as "It's a *bleep*-ing beautiful waterfall, it doesn't need commentary!"
  • You Might Remember Me from...: Often parodied by Tony, who would often introduce recurring people in episodes with "You might remember him from such shows as this one!"

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