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Trivia / Nine Months

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  • Creative Closing Credits: The end credit sequence contains baby photos of the cast and crew.
  • Old Shame: Hugh Grant has expressed regret over his involvement in this film, not because he thinks it's terrible, but because it's the only film on his resume produced by FOX - he is rather notorious for his hatred of Rupert Murdoch.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Three of director Chris Columbus' children appears as extras: his son Brendan appears in the first scene as a boy at the beach, his oldest daughter Eleanor plays a dance class student and youngest daughter Violet appears in the toy store scene with his mother Irene.
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    • Producer Mark Radcliffe's twin daughters Porscha and Brittany also appear as extras in the toy store.
    • Robin Williams' daughter Zelda plays a bit part as one of Rebecca's students in her dance class.
  • What Could Have Been: Sarah Jessica Parker was originally in mind to play Rebecca.


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