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  • Actor Allusion: There were several references to Bob Newhart's earlier sitcom throughout the show's run. Considering how it ended, it all makes sense now.
    • The episode "Good Neighbor Sam" guest stars Bill Daily as a new next-door neighbor. Daily had played Bob's neighbor Howard Borden on The Bob Newhart Show.
    • In "No Tigers at the Circus", Dick watches his favorite TV program. The theme song is heard, and it's the theme from The Bob Newhart Show.
    • In "I Married Dick", Dick and Joanna attend couples therapy with a psychologist. In the waiting room, they run into a patient (played by Jack Riley, aka Mr. Carlin from the earlier show) who Dick seems to vaguely recognize. When he mentions this to the psychologist, she says she's been working to undo the damage done to the patient by "some quack in Chicago".
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    • In "Harris Ankles PIV for Web Spot", Dick and Michael discuss CBS' Monday-night lineup back in the 1970s. After Dick lists some of the shows (All in the Family, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Carol Burnett Show), Michael asks about "that show with the shrink who stuttered". Dick corrects him by saying he "stammered".
  • One-Take Wonder: The legendary reveal scene at the end of the Grand Finale was shot in the first and only take - and without rehearsal - because the live Studio Audience's initial reaction would not have been replicated on subsequent takes.
  • The Pete Best: Jennifer Holmes (Leslie) and Steven Kampmann (Kirk).
  • What Could Have Been: An alternative "decoy" ending was scripted with Dick dying and going to Heaven after getting hit by the golf ball and meeting God. The implication was that George Burns would reprise his role as God from the Oh, God! films. This ending was only included in case the finale script was leaked to the press (which it was) and was never intended to be filmed.
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  • You Look Familiar: Dr. Hartley apparently never noticed that his best friend from college, "The Peeper", was the handyman in his dream. (Tom Poston played both roles).


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