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  • Executive Meddling
    • In Shadows you would have had the option to sell a baby you kept as part of a questline into slavery, but it was Dummied Out.
    • Hordes has many options dummied out for usages of the True Names of characters, likely due to the Video Game Cruelty Potential it offered, commanding people against their will to do things for you. However, a truly hilarious ending was cut as part of this: commanding Mephistopheles to serve you as your chambermaid.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For a while, there was no official support or distribution for some premium modules such as Infinite Dungeons, until GOG released most in their Complete Edition.
  • Recycled Script: Hordes' plot has several similarities with Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, also made by BioWare:
    • You canonically start as an already experienced hero who loses all their stuff when the game begins.
    • The first chapter is set inside an evil sorcerer's lair filled with deathtraps.
    • An entire chapter is set inside Underdark, with quests consisting in cleaning Mind Flayers' and Beholders's dungeons, while Drows are the main antagonists. During the chapter, the party's home is inside a Drow city.
    • A part of the story is about fighting a clan of vampires.
    • Both game feature a single mono-class Rogue party member (Tomi Undergallows/Yoshimo), who is forced to leave the party for plot-related reasons.
    • Late in the storyline, a friendly female NPC (The Knower of Names/Queen Ellesime) reveals she was in love with the Big Bad (Mephistopheles/Irenicus).
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    • A character (who was an antagonist in a previous game) atoned in the afterlife and joins the party (Aribeth/Sarevok).note 
  • Referenced by...: The short story "Pimpf" from The Laundry Series has protagonist Bob Howard getting involved in the NWN modding community to keep modders from accidentally summoning Eldritch Abominations with the toolset. Author Charles Stross, incidentally, is the inventor of several iconic D&D creatures, one of which, the Slaad, appears in the game.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Because of the change between publishers, from Interplay to Atari, changes had to be made in the storyline so that characters from Baldur's Gate wouldn't carry to Neverwinter Nights.
  • Trope Namer: BioWare homebrewed several spells for the series, including a pair of spells called Isaac's lesser missile storm and greater missile storm. In conjunction with the original magic missile, they name Magic Missile Storm.
  • Un-Canceled: Played with:
    • Darkness over Daggerford was a planned premium module before Atari canceled it. The module was then release for free to the NWN community. When NWN: Enhanced Edition was released, DoD also got an Updated Re-release with changes to the quests, characters, the storyline and other improvements. The original version is still available for free while the Enhanced Edition of the module can be bought on Steam or GOG.
    • Same thing happened with Tyrants of the Moonsea. It was meant to be a premium module before its cancellation by Atari. The mod was release for free, but in an uncompleted state. More than 10 years later, Beamdog has re-released as intended by the mod's creator with updated art, more quests, bug fixes and a better ending resolution.


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