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Trivia / Nada Surf

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  • Black Sheep Hit: Even by being in their most rock-oriented album, "Popular" still sticks out in the band's discography by being a Weezer-ish mid-tempo post-grunge song with sung spoken-word verses and a more darker tone compared to any other song from them.
  • Executive Meddling: The Proximity Effect. Their label at the time, Elektra Records, felt that the album had no hit singles and wanted the band to put their cover of "Why Are You So Mean To Me?" by Vitreous Humor on the album and push it as their lead single, in which the band refused to do. They were dropped afterwards and eventually released the album independently in 2000.
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  • One-Hit Wonder: The aforementioned "Popular" was their only hit, clocking at #11 in the Modern Rock Charts.
  • The Pete Best: Their first drummer Aaron Conte doesn't appear in any of the band's albums and his only contributions to the band are on the Karmic EP.