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  • Billing Displacement: Despite being billed second, Kevin Sorbo only has a minor role in each film.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: The physical similarities between Kevin Sorbo and Matthew Mercer have been noted. Mercer even jokes in an episode of Critical Role that while filming their first scene together, Sorbo gave him a quizzical stare and playfully asked "...What's your mother's name?"
  • No Export for You: The Iron Crown and The Godslayer never made it to Germany and the Netherlands. Also, Thailand only got the first movie!
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  • Screwed by the Network: The first three films were picked up by CONtv, a streaming service owned by Cinedigm, and A Quest for Heroes and The Darkspore were billed as CONtv Originals. While the plan was to debut all three films by the end of 2015, the network delayed the release of The Necromancer for an unknown reason. During the delay, DVD rights for the series were obtained by a small distributor called SunWorld Pictures. They ended up releasing The Necromancer ahead of any digital release. When it finally premiered on CONtv in September 2016, they dropped the "Originals" brand from that film. The remaining two films bypassed the platform altogether, leaving SunWorld to take over VOD duties.
  • What Could Have Been: Qole was originally written as an assassin orc that would hunt the team down initially, only to experience a Heel–Face Turn later on. Unfortunately, the actor set to play him was unable to apply the prosthetics in time as he had portrayed an alien beast in another Arrowstorm production Survivor and the latex's glue badly affected his skin. The character was ultimately changed to an elf.

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