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  • The Danza: The rude yellow car driver is named Jani, after the Finnish streamer who voices him.
  • Dueling Games: With Jalopy, another atmospheric driving simulator where you're a European driving an Alleged Car.
    • As of March 2018, Jalopy has officially graduated from early access while MSC is still in development.
    • Both games were released as early access in 2016 with Jalopy being released six months before MSC.
    • Both games share the same concept of building a car from scratch and driving it around having various adventures:
      • Jalopy is more serious, grounded in reality, and building and maintaining the car is less complex. You play as an East German in the year 1990 driving a Trabant between East Germany and Turkey.
      • MSC is more humorous and wacky but the car is a lot harder to build and maintain. You're also a drunken Finnish teenager who does various odd-jobs around the Finnish countryside in 1995. All while trying to rebuild your dad's old 70s Datsun from the ground up. You can also drink yourself stupid, relax in a sauna, swear at locals, and pee anywhere you want.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The infamous green car who speeds down the roads blaring loud techno music is often called "Techno Viking", "Green Devil", "Green Menace", "Thump-Thump Car", or "Wub-Wub Car".
    • Jani is often called "Yellow X" because of his bright yellow car, the second word is usually something insulting. Common ones are; "Yellow Perkele", "Yellow Asshole", "Yellow Idiot", or "Yellow Bastard". Another popular nickname is "StatusD" (after the VA's online handle).
    • The drunk driver in the little green car is "Mr. Hitler", named after a character from a Finnish reality show.
    • Jokke is often simply called "Drunk Man", "Drunk Guy", or "Kilju Guy".
    • The human/pig hybrid you play cards with is "Pig Man" or "Satan/Saatana".
    • Players who get frustrated with their Satsuma not running or working properly will often call it the "Shitsuma".
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  • What Could Have Been: The sewage truck was originally going to be a log truck, but the former was easier to implement.
  • The Wiki Rule: Joo!
  • Word of Saint Paul: Teimo doesn't have a confirmed last name from the dev, but his voice actor says it's Pielinen.

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