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Trivia / Mutya Keisha Siobhan

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  • Content Leak: Although MKS themselves released “Back in the Day” to ravenous fans in early 2015, 18 months later a source leaked an album’s worth of songs to the internet, leading fans to refer to the event as “MKS-mas”. Since then even more songs have been leaked, resulting in about three albums worth of previously-unreleased music available online. The official album they recorded as MKS would finally be released independently by them as the Sugababes in 2022.
  • Cut Song: LOADS. The group has so far written and recorded around 50 or 60 songs for the album over a seven-year period, so many of them are bound for the cutting room floor. The Lost Tapes would ultimately include thirteen tracks, two fewer than the leaked demo contained.
  • Development Hell: Despite them saying an album would be released in 2014, they never did. There's some speculation that the hold up is financial problemsnote , legal wrangling to get the rights back to the Sugababes namenote , and prioritizing their familiesnote . The album, titled The Lost Tapes, would finally be released in December 2022, nearly a decade later.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The album that became The Lost Tapes was passed around by fans in leaked demo form until its official release.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: A fan by the name of Andres made an elaborate lyric video for "Flatline". MKS' management were so impressed by the video that they contacted the video's creator. After some tweaking to correct the lyrics, it became the official lyric video and was uploaded to their VEVO channel.
  • Reality Subtext: “Victory” proclaims that “it’s our victory”, possibly referencing the tribulations of being in the Sugababes and the legal trouble MKS had to deal with in order to release their music.
  • Vaporware: Prior to the group's reforming, Siobhan was recording a third studio album, Mutya was experimenting with material for a second studio album and tracks from Keisha's planned solo debut were surfacing online. These projects were all scrapped by 2011, although Keisha has hinted that she may still release a solo record in the not - too - distant future.