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  • Old Shame: "Catapult", which due to the reasons listed in Troubled Production below became hard for the band to perform or even hear again. They even stopped performing it regularly sometime after 1984 or so.
  • Trope Codifier: The album cemented many of the tropes of American Alternative Rock in the '80s: moody artwork, '60s-inspired production and an explicitly non-commercial stance.
  • Troubled Production: The band's "tryout" sessions for the album with Stephen Hague as a potential producer. During the recording session for "Catapult", Hague reportedly made the band perform an unnecessary amount of takes of the song, while trying to get the band to change their parts and claiming Bill Berry sucked at playing drums, constantly trying to get him to "play better" each time (which demoralized Berry). To make matters worse, once the song was finished, Hague took it to a different studio (Synchro Sound in Boston, home of The Cars) and added synthesizers, which the band were explicitly dead-set against including in any of their songs at the time. This sent the band over the edge, pissing them off to such an extent that they refused to record the album without their prior producer Mitch Easter.

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