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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Peter admittedly didn't mean "My Fat Lady" replacing Leslie Jones with a cross-dressing Tracy Morgan to seem like a spot-on Take That! on Leslie's usual SNL persona, as he didn't see any of her sketchesnote  before writing it.
  • Channel Hop: Every Mulberry story released since December 2012 remains exclusive to BANG! Magazine, except for "GameSaw" and "A Terrible Fate" (currently the last Mulberry story posted on Platypus Comix, and one which actually didn't appear in BANG!).
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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: "Disney Adventures" has an intentionally dim Alpha-5 explain to Mulberry and her friends that Disney owned Power Rangers in "the early 2000s", until Saban Brands helped it become "the only major property to escape the Vault". The timeframe disregards Disney's involvement with Power Rangers seasons from Mystic Force (2006) to RPM (2009), while Alpha's use of "major" might sound dubious to readers who define the word broadly enough to encompass such properties as every DiC Entertainment shownote  or Studio Ghibli films note .
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  • Creator Backlash: When "Prison Broke" came out, Peter Paltridge wrote on the Toon Zone forum that he didn't consider it one of his favorite Mulberry comics. In fact, he kept putting off finishing it, so he could start making more interesting Platypus Comix stories. However, unlike other Mulberry comics that displeased Peter, he couldn't remove this one from the Mulberry archive, since it contains the conclusion to "Scary Berry".
  • Development Hell: Peter hoped that Mulberry would have her own newspaper comic someday, but had trouble finding someone to syndicate her. Apparently, the strip would go something like this. The comics featured in BANG! each run about as long as normal stories, except with the reader-submitted content breaking them up.
  • Missing Episode: Several, but the absence of "Suddenly Mulberry" sticks out the most. After its removal, "Mulberry's 2004 Fall TV Preview" became the oldest comic in the Mulberry archive. A few obvious signs exist that something came before it: the cover reads, "the second one", and Mulberry acknowledges the comic's interrupting her actual first arc.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • "Mulberry Killed the Brenda Starr" sees Mulberry and her friends consider buying the former Portland, Oregon headquarters of the periodical The Oregonian, which recently lost those offices due to cuts performed by the corporate sponsors.
    • "Things I Actually Saw at Rose City Comic-Con" recreates occurrences and experiences that Peter had at the eponymous convention.
    • Peter based the Microapartment building owner's scheme in "Game of Homes", to build an apartment building with no parking lot or individual kitchens, on the activities of the proprietor of a complex in Portland.
  • Technology Marches On: "Miraculous Adventures of Ledyba And Meowth Noir" uses an older Pokémon GO interface, with a "Nearby" page showing six Pidgeys, as opposed to a "Sightings" page showing one Pidgey.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Peter has released a list of abandoned Mulberry stories.
    • Peter once planned to make a sequel to "Faces and Places #1", starring Far East Movement. Since he reportedly did not have time to make drawings for such a comic, he retooled this concept into an article in which he pretends to interview Far East Movement.
    • September 2013 would have seen the release of "Thanks, Obama!", in which Mulberry tries to defend Barack Obama from common complaints, only to discover him spying on her. Peter announced it on the same day that he gave release dates to the Keiki finalenote  and the Free Spirit premiere, but the government shutdown made the script already seem dated.

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