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  • Actor Allusion: The Shout-Out to Blackadder Goes Forth in "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean" (see entry).
  • Defictionalization: When the show became popular in the U.S., a company produced faithful (if larger than screen-accurate) replicas of Teddy. Also, Corgi released a die-cast model of his beloved Mini, complete with padlock on the door.
  • Deleted Scene: "Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean" had a scene (cut from original airings and unavailable on DVD, but included in an early VHS release in the U.S.) in which Bean visits a department store, sees an older couple looking at the same motorized recliner chair he's interested in, and fiddles with the controls so it won't work for them, resulting in the chair folding in on the wife and trapping her.
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  • Funny Character, Boring Actor: Rowan Atkinson doesn't regard himself spontaneously witty. A "making of" video of Mr. Bean's Holiday shows how meticulous Atkinson is in planning all of the gags.
  • I Am Not Spock: Atkinson often grumbles about being associated with the character.
  • Playing Against Type: Rowan Atkinson is otherwise renowned for his Deadpan Snarker roles, most notably Blackadder. Except in countries that don't know Blackadder. Brazil for example.
  • The Red Stapler: The show was responsible for single-handedly creating a surge in demand for second-hand antique Minis of any kind in several countries back in the late 90s.
  • Star-Making Role: For Rowan Atkinson in the States. He was already a star in the UK when this show came about.
  • Technology Marches On: In one episode Mr. Bean goes on a date, but when he wants to check his hair it turns out he forgot to take his mirror, so he uses a photo booth instead. Today, when every cell phone has a digital camera, taking a picture of yourself instead of looking in a mirror doesn't seem so ridiculous anymore.
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  • Too Soon: "Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean" was going to be aired on February 17th 1993. However, due to the much-publicized abduction and murder of 3-year-old James Bulger, "Mr. Bean in Room 426" took its place.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to rumour there were going to be references to a couple of Rowan Atkinson's previous roles: namely, the leader of the Mr Bean-aliens was going to be Blackadder, or at least resemble him. Also, Mr Bean passes a prominent red telephone box while following Irma and Mr Pod to the spaceship; if the show had got clearance, the telephone box would have been a police box instead, and after Mr Bean would drive past, Rowan Atkinson's Doctor would have stepped out.
    • The original proposed name for the character was Mr. White. Names of vegetables were next, including Mr. Cauliflower, ending with the choice of Mr. Bean.
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  • You Look Familiar: Matilda Ziegler, who later starred in four episodes as Bean's girlfriend Irma, first appears in the second episode as a maid waiting to greet the Queen. She also appears as the Mother with a Pram in the "Bus Stop" bonus sketch.
  • Written by Cast Member: Co-written by Rowan Atkinson.


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